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Test ID BLOD1344 Ganglioside GQ1B Antibody IgG

Specimen Type/Requirements

Gold top (Serum w/ gel) tube - Serum

Red top (Serum w/out gel) tube - Serum


A fasting specimen is required.


Test is not affected by hemolysis or lipemia. 

Specimen Volume


Preferred Volume   1.0 mL  
Minimum Volume   0.2 mL




Room Temperature   7 days    
Refrigerated   14 days   Preferred for transport  
Frozen   21 days  


Performed Test Frequency

Monday and Wednesday


Enzyme Immunoassay (EIA)

Performing Lab

Quest Chantilly forwards to Quest San Juan Capistrano



Analytic Time

4 days

Interface Build Information

Result Code Result Code Description  
16714 GQ1B Ab (IgG)
16715 Results Received