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Test ID NBLD0211 Urea Breath Test-Helicobacter Pylori


Helicobacter pylori Breath Test, H. pylori Breath Test

Specimen Type/Requirements

The Urea Breath Test (UBT) is not FDA cleared for patients <3, therefore, testing cannot be performed on patients <3 years of age.
Specimen: Pre and Post Breath Samples. Using the kit provided collect baseline breath sample in the blue bag. Administer the Pranactin-Citric solution. Wait 15 minutes and collect a second breath sample in the pink bag.


Room Temperature 7 days Preferred for Transport
Refrigerated N/A  
Frozen N/A  


Performed Test Frequency



Infrared Spectrophotometry System


83013; 83014

Performing Lab

Sanford Laboratories Fargo-Microbiology

Analytic Time

1-3 days