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Test ID LBOR0036 DNA Extraction

Container Type

Sodium Heparin

Sterile tube

Sterile container

Specimen Type/Requirements

Sodium Heparin Whole Blood/Cord Blood- Preferred and  EDTA Whole Blood/Cord Blood – Preferred
Bone Marrow - sterile tube
Amniotic Fluid - sterile tube
Solid Tissue - sterile container

Specimen Volume

Whole blood: 3.0 mL in each tube

Amniotic Fluid: 20.0 - 30.0 mL

Minimum Volume

Whole blood: 1.0 mL in each tube

Amniotic Fluid: 5.0 mL


Whole Blood and Bone Marrow

Room Temperature: 3 days
Refrigerated: 3 days
Frozen: NA


Amniotic Fluid and Solid Tissue

Room Temperature: 2 days

Refrigerated: 2 days

Frozen: NA


Interfering Substances

Hemolysis: Yes
Lipemia: Yes

Transport Temperature

Room Temperature


Please indicate the reason for the referral for this procedure.


Performed Test Frequency

Monday through Friday



Performing Lab

Sanford Sioux Falls

Additional Information

This will be used when DNA testing may be ordered at some point, but the exact testing is unknown and/or
if the patient is or may be deceased before the correct testing can be determined.


SC Genetics will store the DNA indefinitely.


The most likely patient would be a newborn or early pediatric case.


If specimen arrives on weekend or if there are any additional questions concerning this test,

contact the Sanford Cytogenetics Lab at 605-404-4360.