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TB, Quantiferon

Specimen Type/Requirements

Quantiferon (QFT) TB Gold Plus 4-tube Kit


Tubes/kit can be obtained by ordering from Lawson, contacting Sanford Clinic at 701-234-4888, or Sanford Lab Outreach at 701-280-4910.


Tubes must be filled appropriately to Black line designated on each of the 4 tubes contained in the kit. (Tubes may fill slowly).

It is recommended to draw a waste tube to ensure the needle is secured in the vein.

Tubes should be between 17-25° (Room Temperature) at the time of blood filling.


Draw order of tubes is:

1. Nil control (grey)

2. TB1-Antigen (green)

3. TB2-Antigen (yellow)

4. Mitogen Control (purple)


Hold tube on needle for 2-3 seconds after flow ceases.

Butterfly needles - prime the tubing with a normal tube BEFORE filling the 4 QFT tubes.

Collect 1mL of blood into each of the 4 tubes.


Immediately after filling, SHAKE the tubes 10 times firmly enough to ensure the inner surface of each tube is coated in blood (to solubilize antigens on the tube walls).  This may be accomplished by holding the tubes upright in hand an using a sweeping up and down motion bending from the arm to elbow (not from the wrist).


NOTE:  Over-energetic shaking may cause gel disruption and could lead to aberrant results.


Transport Temperature and Stability

Option 1 NOT INCUBATED - Within 16 hrs of collection

Send tubes unspun at room temperature (22C+ or -5C)

Stability:  Not incubated/uspun - Room Temp 16 hours

DO NOT SEND ON ICE OR FROZEN.  In cold weather, send specimen in an insulated container.  Specimen must be received within 16 hours of collection.


Option 2 INCUBATE AT TESTING LABORATORY - Within 16 hrs of collection

Incubate tubes in upright position in a 37 Degree incubator at the collection site for 16-24 hours

Spin down samples so gel barrier rises to separate cells and plasma.

Do not aliquot specimens from tubes.  Send in original tubes.

Stability:  Incubated/spun - Refrig:  28 days

Performed Test Frequency

Monday - Sunday





Storage On Site

Room Temperature.  Specimen must be received in testing laboratory within 16 hours of collection.

Performing Lab

Sanford Fargo