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Test ID BLOD1142 Giardia GAM Antibody

Container Type

Serum w/ gel

Serum w/out gel

Specimen Type/Requirements


Specimen Volume

1.0 mL

Minimum Volume

0.5 mL


Room Temperature: 7 days
Refrigerated: 14 days
Frozen: 30 days

Interfering Substances

Hemolysis: NA
Lipemia: NA

Transport Temperature


Performed Test Frequency

Tuesday through Saturday


Immunofluorescence Assay (IFA)



Performing Lab

Quest Valencia

Additional Information

Recent or current infection by Giardia lamblia is suggested by either detection in IgM antibody or a four fold increase in IgG and /or IgA antibody titers between acute and convalescent sera.  Positive IgG and/or IgA without detectable IgM suggest past infection. 

Analytical Time

1 - 3 days

Interface Build Information

Result Code Result Code Description
17632 Giardia IgG
17633 Giardia IgA
17634 Giardia IgM
17635 Interpretation